Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quilts for Japan

There are hundreds, even thousands of efforts starting up to help the people of Japan.
Most of them are donations for money, which is much needed.  But heaven knows cash is a little scarce these days.

A wonderful reader let me know of this blog Flip Flop Mama.  The writer of the blog, Jamie, has posted a great way to give to Japan of a collection of fabric that some women are putting together.    They are trying to collect fabric for making tied quilts to send to Japan as soon as possible.  Since they are in the collection phase, this is a great chance for you to help!

They will take any size fabric, preferably cotton.  I have many fabric samples, fat quarters, or even scraps that could add to any quilt.  Look around your house!  Maybe you even have a cute pillow case that you never use...

If you are interested in donating, email Jamie at flipflopmamablog@gmail.com.  
I hope this will inspire you of other ways we can help!



Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this! I know they need the fabric :)

flip flop mama said...

You are awesome for reposting this! Thank you so much!