Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing Talents of Sisters and BLOG SHOWCASE GIVEAWAY!

Happy International Womens Day!  
To celebrate I would like to introduce you to the Talents of Sisters Organization.

A friend of mine has recently shared a venture of her and her sister and I think you all will LOVE this idea!It is a non-profit organization they are starting called Talents of Sisters.  It was an idea that came after reading the book "Half the Sky".  Mainly, they are turning to the handcrafted community to raise money and awareness for oppressed women all over the world.  This idea allows help in so many aspects.  They ask for donations of handmade goods, and then they donate all proceeds to women in different countries.  

In her email, my friend said this:  

"For example, it takes only $40 to totally finance a woman's portion of a fistula surgery in Ethiopia!  And that surgery can totally change her life, allowing her to emerge from being an outcast in her society to becoming a useful and contributing member of it.  We would like to pay for school uniforms for girls in South Africa, allowing them to go to school and be educated and stay away from the traps of poverty.  We want to pay for a year of school for a girl in rural China who would otherwise go completely uneducated, and therefore unable to better the situation she lives in.  Or to provide the capital for a former sex slave in Cambodia to buy shop supplies, and open a shop that will provide a meaningful income."

When I first heard about this non-profit, I felt so moved and wanted to help.  I just imagined it becoming a huge organization of women helping women.  I don't think it could ever stop growing!  Please go venture to their site talentsofsisters.org.  I know at the very least you will be impressed, and if you aren't inspired as well it would surprise me.  You can see items that are for sale on their Etsy Collective page.  For more information on donating you can go to their Contact page.  I donated a simple headband, and hope it sells!  

As an incentive to my crafty readers donating - I would love to do an entire Sassy Pepper post all about you!

Every donation wins!

To get YOUR VERY OWN SHOWCASE POST do the following:
1)  Donate an item to Talents of Sisters!
2)  Send an email to thesassypepper@gmail.com, letting me know what item you donated (so I can showcase that item in your post) and a brief bio about you.

I will email you with a tentative date for your post!
I hope many of you will enter!


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