Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Simple! Super Hero Baby Shower

A friend of mine is soon expecting a tiny baby boy.  With my little man almost 2 years now, I was reminiscent over the newborn phase.  So when we decided on a baby shower at my place, I just had to come up with a theme, which was hard!  What wasn't too dorky?  What wasn't too specific?  What was all boy?  
Was it a bird or a plane...

How about a

I kept it simple.  Streamers and tissue paper balls {hung with more streamers}.

For an extra Umph, I used iron on paper and images I found on the Internet to make some superhero themed onesies.  I hung them up during the shower, and the mom-to-be could took them home after the party!

Superhero themed cupcake toppers!

Ice Breaker Word search made HERE 
You can make your puzzle as easy or hard as you want!

On their way out the door, guests took a little favor from the B-O-Y table.
These were oval frames that I got from Michaels for $1.oo each.  I mod-podged scrapbook paper onto the front of the frames and glued chipboard letters to coordinated paper for display!

Goody Bags full of Junior Mints and little Superhero tags!

The thing I loved about this simple themed shower, is that it could totally be copied for a birthday party!
Maybe my little man will be a superhero for a day in about 6 weeks!

What would be your favorite theme?



Greta said...

So sweet. I love that a boy shower can be so gorgeous! After three girls I am just now discovering the joys of boydom with my 1 year old son. He is sporting vintage Liberty overalls (2$ from Goodwill) today and he is freaking adorable. I will have to keep this in mind for his second birthday!

Ashley O said...

Super Cute!!

A Lived in Home said...

All very cute ideas!