Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making Pepper Proud

Pepper! I hope you're proud of me, woman. I was so inspired by your Mother's Day card post I actually made Mother's Day cards.

Unheard of!

I mean, I made cards. For the moms!

I used some very cute butterfly paper from the paper packs I purchased to make my family room Mod Podge wall art, and because I couldn't find glue anywhere (can't say that surprised me) I actually used Mod Podge as my adhesive.

I very skillfully maneuvered a random box cutter replacement blade to cut out the butterflies (I know, I need to get a safer razor...), then skipped on over to my friend Christy's house to borrow her paper cutter. Have I mentioned Christy is an amazing card-maker? Cutest cards ever.

Anyway, she helped me fix up the edges of my cards, gave me these great tiny rhinestones and voila!

Hope the moms love 'em, because they are in the mail and on their merry ways! What do you think? Good enough for a second-time card maker?

Patting myself on the back,

1 comment:

Pepper said...

I am proud, and you made them so cute. The mom's will love.