Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday Paper Hat Tutorial

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day celebrating the mothers in your lives. I did! And now it is back to the real world where I have to make my own breakfast.
Ah well, It was good while it lasted.

I figured I would cheer you all up with a fun and easy tutorial. This one re purposes, recycles, and revamps your little gal's dress-up wardrobe all in one! First shown to me by my friend Mia, so that we could bring the fancy back to the party {hats}!

Sunday Paper Hats
- One Sunday Paper
- Masking tape
- Some or all of the following: Feathers, boa's, flowers, leaves for embellishing
- Hot Glue :)

You knew I was going to have hot glue on the list didn't you?

This is where is gets fun, and silly. Even the boys will want to make one!

1. Take 3-4 sheets of newspaper and lay them over your models little head. Make sure to spread them out a little each way. The more volume the better!

2. Grab the masking tape and wrap, wrap, wrap, all around your models head. Make sure the tape stays on their for head and above their ears so that it doesn't get "stuck". They might want to use this more than once!

3. Now take the edges of the paper and roll it inward!

4. Take the hat off your models head.

5. Embellish! Glue anything fancy on. It is more fun for him/her to decorate it on their own. If you are feeling really creative, use real flowers! Or better yet... toys! Who said a hat can't have sponge bob sitting on top? Go crazy!

Voila! You have a fancy recycled Paper Hat!

Would you like some tea with that?


Carla said...

what a fun project!! I think we need to do this one at nursery - the kids are always putting things on their heads and they will love these!!!

Don said...

Yesterday a friend called me and asked" Do you have a large fancy hat for a tea party?" And I said no, but I know how you can make one! And I directed her to your blog. Isn't that convenient?

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with this! SO, SO, SO cute. I'll be featuring it in my next Sunday Stalker...be sure to stop by, check it out and grab a button.


Anonymous said...

You've been featured :)