Friday, January 28, 2011

Bitsy Bands


Looking at this adorable newborn photo by Kelly Nicole Photography makes me want another teeny tiny girl.  Kelly took our family photos abut a year ago, and I just miss my tiny chubby baby boy who is getting so big!
 I am so envious of Sassy right now with her tiny princess.  They really do grow too fast.

Being nostalgic of babies...of course I looked on Etsy.  What better place to find cute and unique things.

I also found a darling store that sells elastic and supplies in EVERY COLOR, (including sparkly) for making itsy bitsy headbands like the one above.  And her store name is Bitsy Bands!  How cute is that?
You can even buy them prepared in the size you need!

I now have that creative itch, and will be bringing you a itsy bitsy headband tutorial next week!
So go and buy some may want to try this little Ditty.

Have a Happy Weekend and I will see you Monday!


Sherry said...

Thank you, Pepper!! :)

Kind Regards,

M.M.M. said...

OH awesome! Did you see my blog? I was saying the other day that I wanted some petite headbands...All I see around is the huge flowers, and I want something a little more...understated. I want to see her head.

Kelli Nicole said...

Haha, thanks! Lyla wasn't too tiny ;), but she sure was cute!