Thursday, January 13, 2011

Girly Furniture

I have been on the hunt for a fancy dresser for my girls' room. Or at least something that I could make a little fancy. I almost couldn't believe when I saw this for $20 on Craiglist. It was such a good deal, almost better than free because of the rush of finding it and being the first one to email and also the first one to go see it. Craigslist can be like a shot of Caffeine sometimes.

Books like Painting and Decorating Furniture can be an inspiration and a curse at the same time.
So I am limiting myself to what I look at and read, at least for today.

So has been a bit of a bugger to get ready to paint.
It has required me to pull out my manly skills in order to make it girly.
I even had help from my husband and brother-in-law getting started because I really hate sanding furniture. I think it still requires more sanding, chiseling, and paint thinning to get it just right. And sorry, it did come with all drawers, but one was upstairs when I was ready to snap this photo. I can be a little lazy sometimes.

What I am most excited about...the grooves in the wood working.

And the cute carved shapes...

And the adorable little carved feet...

Just guess what color it is going to be. Anyone? Anyone?

Off to find some more girly things in honor of Sassy's teeny tiny babe,


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Ari Anna Johnson said...

So cute! I redid this exact same one years ago but it was a hutch/desk but it goes with this same group! You will do such a great job! I can't wait to see how it looks! I love your crazy skills ;)