Friday, January 14, 2011

Girly Treats

A little fact you may find interesting about Sassy is that she wasn't actually due with her baby girl until February!  She also was supposed to be attending a baby shower in honor of HER this upcoming Saturday!

(Psst...Let me know if you got her a gift and I can email you where to send it).

Because I know how much we all love baby Showers, (mostly the food and presents that go along with said showers) this post includes adorable inspirational cookies and cakes and info on where to learn to become a Cake and/or Cookie Making Queen.  You will love all you find for future parties and showers.


I could spend hours on this website looking at pictures and licking my lips...
I am planning on using some of her FREE TEMPLATES for my Little Girls' #5 birthday coming up.

I think that these cookies below would be a great starting project...

Quick mini rose tutorial

Warning: Only enter the Gallery if you have at least an hour to lounge around.

Oh!  Also, I found these amazing Wilton Products online.  This Silicone Baking mat will keep my favorite cookie sheets looking new.  I want one.

My sweet tooth is kicking in, I better nip that in the bud!


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M.M.M. said...

Um...she wasn't due until February? This is not fair. I only say this because I am assuming everything went fine and there were no problems with baby coming a little premature. I am seriously jealous. I think the last 4 weeks are just a cruel trick of Mother Nature to torture you.