Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Deals!

Just passing on a bit of good cheer for those of you that are planning on making gifts this year!
Use coupon code TURKEY10 to save 10% off any order!
Use coupon Code BLACK15 to save 15% off any order over $20.00

Use Coupon Code 20OFF for $20 off any order over $100.00
20% off - $0 - 74.99 ....... Use code PIE20
25% off - $75 - 149.99 ....... Use code PIE25
30% off - $150 + ....... Use code PIE30
Free shipping on any order PLUS receive a $10 gift card on orders over $59.  Use code FREEFW34
Great deals on kids crafts right now!

I hope you get a good jump on your Holiday Shopping, this year seems so crazy!


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