Friday, November 4, 2011

Pin-tastic Harvest

The word "Harvest" is just lovely isn't it?  It implies colors or oranges, reds and yellows.  It makes you think of that chilly fall air.  I think that I love it because it implies gathering something together that has grown to perfection...which is sort of what happens in the fall with family.  Anticipation over each holiday starting with Halloween  through the New Year.  It is so much fun looking back over all that has happened the year through.  I love that word "Harvest".

I searched under "Harvest" on Pinterest, and yes you guessed it.  I found fabulous things.
I linked up to the actual sites so that you can experience all of the goodness.

Harvest Party Guest Post Decor from 2010 on

Adorable Mug Sleeve from chicnwarm on Etsy!

Harvest Pumpkin Soup from Sweet Peas Kitchen.  Yes there is a recipe!

Adorable Centerpieces for those of you hosting Thanksgiving...

More things to do with pumpkins.
Check out these amazing centerpiece ideas on See Jane Party!
Leopard print pumpkins?!?!  I love it.

 I hope those wheels are spinning in your head as fast as mine are!


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