Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Blog for Christmas?

I have had a few emails from readers wondering about some frugal (but not cheesy) gifts.  It is always a tricky thing, because not every one will cherish an old painted frame or a necklace made from macaroni.

What a perfect question to ask because I was trying to figure out some things for family members that would be nice {and inexpensive}.  If you are reading this post, you are obviously a blogger, blog hopper, blog follower, or blog wanna-be-er.  This post is primarily for the internet blog savvy. 

And any other Holiday! 
A Few Ideas for the financially challenged

1. Personal Blog designed and ready to go for that special someone
I decided to make one for my Little Gal who is 9!  I included her favorite age appropriate music, favorite websites, designed the blog in her favorite colors and pictures, and even put a picture of her in the corner with "Meet the Author" above it.  It will be her own online journal to write and add pictures!  We invited family members to join!  She is going to love it.  I would share it with you but, sorry, it is private.

2. A Blog Cookbook
This one is a work in progress but I am soooooo close to done.  You are welcome to take a look at it!  I named it Grandma's Cookery.  Isn't it just darling?  This is a family cookbook with recipes from all of the children and grandchildren, in memory of our dear Grandma Toni!  We had one rule, the recipe had to be one that you had made and enjoyed before you submitted it. Look at he fun pictures and cute designs!
The best part...all recipes are ready in one place to be emailed, printed, and drooled over!

3. Letters from Loved Ones...
This has always been a favorite of mine.  Memories from everyone, about a special someone, bundled together for a keepsake.  Why not bring that to the modern age!  Turn it into a blog, you can add pictures, music, and if you ever feel the need to put it on paper you can print up a blog book!

4. Your Favorite Family Vacation
Did you go on a special vacation this year?  Make a blog devoted to that fun trip!  

5. Favorite Family Stories
This one goes well with the Letters from Loved ones idea.  Only it has a fun twist!  Everyone has those stories that they like to hear over and over, right?  Compile them into a one stop shop by having everyone submit them to put on a blog!  Add a silly family photo at the top for an even bigger laugh!

6. Children's Artwork
Where do you put all of those cute things that your kids bring home from school?  Take a picture of them for safe keeping and add them to an Artwork Blog!  You can print it up for all of the grandparents!

The one thing you do need for this is a little bit of time.  You really can be as simple as you want with this, and Blogger.com has a TON of adorable backgrounds to choose from.  Wrap up the blog address in a cute envelope or tiny box and it is a perfect stocking stuffer.  Stockings are my favorite, aren't they yours too?

Have fun Blogging!  If you decide to make one please please please share it with us!


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Such clever ideas. How fun to be on your Christmas gift list. Thank you for sharing your gift giving inspiration on BeColorful
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