Friday, February 11, 2011

Easy Valentines!

If this month is catching you by surprise like it has done to are out of time and need some ideas.

Last year, we made these adorable Butterfly Kiss Valentines for Little Gal's school class.  It was a good, fast and easy project so we are sticking to it for this year again!

Little Sister is on this "I want to do things my own way" rampage.  She will have nothing to do with the butterfly kisses.  So, I ventured to my favorite Family Fun website.  They have so many ideas, and detailed instructions to go along with a lot of them.  With my searching, and showing the pictures to Little Sister, we found a winner!  Friendship Blossom Valentines.  Don't you love how both of my girls chose Valentine ideas with heart shapes?

Friendship Blossoms

I would love to see some of your easy and adorable ideas!
Happy Valentines Day!


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