Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Expressions Vinyl!!!

For all of you wondering about Sassy...COME BACK FRIDAY and welcome her back to the blog!  

Sassy and I were chatting on the telephone a few days ago, and she mentioned she ordered some vinyl and is planning something adorable of course.  Now I have wheels turning in my brain of some vinyl designs I could cut with my cricut.  Sassy has had some vinyl wording on her wall before and it was darling.  Sometimes I have to get my supplies ready or at least ordered and getting new supplies will spark that little extra flame I need to get a project going.

So if you have any desire to make some vinyl designs...Sassy shared a deal with me, and I am passing it along!

You can buy vinyl by the sheet at Expressions Vinyl.  $1.89 for a 12 x 24 inch sheet in the color you choose!
The 12 x 24 size is for the Cricut Vinyl.  And if you are interested in Silhouette Vinyl they have that too in 9 x 24!

Honestly, I think the price is a little crazy.  So crazy that I am going to order some, because you never know when you will need vinyl.  And that wasn't me being sarcastic...vinyl is extremely diverse!

I hope you take advantage of this awesome deal,
and make even more amazing creations with it!


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