Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ebay: My Mommy Scraps

I have an obsession.  I want the entire Tea Time Bedding from Land of Nod.  Actually, I need two sets.  Not for me, but for Little Gal and Little Sisters' Room.  It is bright, simple, and sooooo ADORABLE!  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I look at it on my computer screen almost every day.  I am trying to figure out how to get the WHOLE set bit by bit.   I want the duvet, but I am going to start small with the Ric Rac sheets.  Unfortunately I can't spend $$$$$ for two sets of sheets.  I figured I could buy some simple white sheets and sew some bright large Ric Rac onto the pillow cases and the flat sheet.  

I know I always brag about Etsy finds, but Ebay has so many crafting supplies and handcrafted goods as well!  I found this darling Ebay store called My Mommy Scraps.  The prices were great and everything I wanted was Buy it Now!  I love the rush of a win on Ebay, but not having to wait for the auction to end was even better.  I ordered, I paid...it came!

I ordered from her Ric Rac page and you should too if you need some Ric Rac, ribbon, scrapbook supplies...the list goes on.  I would HIGHLY recommend My Mommy Scraps!  Here's why:

1) My order came SUPER fast
2) The colors were exactly what I wanted
3) I got a FREE sample!

I can't wait to add the Ric Rac to the girls' plain white sheets and make them complete.  
Happy ribbon shopping!


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J-me Boyce said...

I am in the process of copying LON's Robot Bedding for R! I did break down and spent 50 freaking bucks on the sheets - not even 2 pillowcases!!!!
I love reading your craftiness. Miss ya