Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Heart Cowboys

If you ever look at my pinterest boards, you probably know I like cowboy things.  Boots, hats, and the occasional Cowboy himself are just great things aren't they? 

Since my little man was born I have wanted to do a Cowboy themed room.  I didn't really grow up in the country, but I like to pretend that I did from summers spent at my grandparents house with their horses and unlike California... a yard big enough to run in.  Plus little boys in Cowboy boots are so darling.

I have almost finished his room!  I found this great paint color called Garden Wall.  
It is like the color of clay mud...perfect for a Cowboy Room!

I bought the dresser from a friend...and found a lot of the Cowboy finds from garage sales!

This cute little boot was a hand-me-down from a friend who was putting her sons Cowboy Room days behind him.  Thank you friend!  I love all of the Cowboy things she gave me.

I didn't really know what to do with the bar on the shelf.
I finally decided to hang some western looking shirts to make it perfect.

I don't have pictures of his bed yet because he is still in a crib.  My little Cowboy also knows how to climb out, so he gets zipped into a not-so-cute crib tent at night.  When he finally moves to a big boy crib I will have all sorts of fun adding that to the decor.  

When my friend Winter was here and took our family pictures,
she told me that we should really put some Cowboy pictures on the wall.
So I am printing these pictures below and then I will Mod Podge on Canvas.

I am so excited about these pictures!
If you are interested I used the FREE  Honey Retro action from Coffee Tea Photography's Blog.
I will post the finishing touches when I am done!



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