Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Trip to Paris... Part 1

WARNING:  Super looooooong post and lots of pictures.

I have never been to Paris, France {yet}.  But is is already a dream of my friends' little girl to go there someday.  In fact, she wants to be married there when she is older.  And so, her dream of going to Paris was brought a little closer at her recent in-home birthday party.  This is one of the most amazing birthday parties I have ever been to.  I secretly wanted to be one of the little school aged girls dressing up with a feather boa and strutting my stuff on the runway... 

Walking up to the front door (and the picture doesn't even do it justice)
Three topiary plants were magically transformed into Can-Can Dancers,
and the door was of course fancified to satisfaction.

Inside the Chateau, there were pieces of Paris in every corner and on every mantle. 
Jewels, feathers, boas and even Eiffel towers galore!

The birthday girl herself designed and painted artwork for the party as well!

The Food

  No party is complete with out cupcakes.
And of course, they were adorably fancy.

All food was labeled with it's french name;
"la creme souffle", "french fries", it was so cute.
I probably ate too many fancy treats...but I did it quick!  No one saw me.

Outside the Chateau

Lanterns hung above, fancy lemonade, a pink punch fountain, and boas and hair clips for each girl.

"Shoe" boxes with candy inside, and each girls name at their seat.

The Runway
{Yes...I said R-U-N-W-A-Y}

This was the most amazing part of the party!
Flanked with 6 foot tall painted Eiffel Towers.
This was an actual T-shaped Run Way...girl sized!

Can you believe it?  Don't you wish you could have been there? 
Come back for part 2 to see what the party entailed!


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