Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Trip to Paris...Part 2

After reading Part 1 of my little trip to Paris,
I know you are dying to know how the party happened,
and here are a zillion more pictures to show you exactly that!

The Party!
As each girl arrived, they were greeted by the birthday girl and given their choice of a sparkly beret.

The guests all got to make a French themed necklace!

Each girl tried to make her owl Eiffel Tower out of silver pipe cleaner.

You can't expect girls to do a fashion show on an empty stomach!
They lined up for the goodies right away.

The birthday girl was even fashionably polite and let her friends go first!

Once outside with all of their food, we all gave "cheers" to the birthday girl!

We of course sang happy birthday as well. was time to get ready for the "show".

First the girls wrangled up some silliness and a little bit of sass.

The girls all chose a vintage prom dress that was then pinned, sashed, and beautified by a mom helper.

Then into the bathroom for hair and make-up.
Everyone say "Sparkles"!!!!

The Run Way

I had to get a picture of the Fashion Show director (birthday girl's mom),
in all her glory.  She really deserved a trophy.

The girls all came strutting out with a little spin and smiling away while all of us parents yelled out their names.
I know inside I was wishing I was up there spinning around with people yelling "Pepper, Pepper look over here!  Pepper smile!".  It was so exciting!

Little Gal had the time of her life!

Birthday Girl's sister was too cute for words.

Even an outfit change was inevitable for the star of the show!

The models...

After the Show
The cutest thing ever, was when the girls watched their fashion show.
They all laughed and smiled and were so excited to see themselves on the TV.

Along with the boa, candy shoe box, beret, hair clip and treats...
the birthday girl gave each guest a Paris, France key chain as they left.

Happy Birthday Mademoiselle!
Thank you for letting me enjoy a little bit of France.


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