Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Year Old Car Party!

It came and went way to fast.  Yes, the last 3 years went by fast, but what is even more sad is all of the time and effort put into the cutest little Car Party I will ever throw was over in a FLASH!  It has almost been a week, and I still have most of the decorations up because it was so much fun.  Crew (my little guy) is now THREE!!!

Crew's Cars Party Itinerary:
Arrival Activities:
Play with cars on the vinyl car track as kids arrive
Color cars pictures as kids arrive

Main activity: CAR RACING
I spray painted a simple race track on the lawn in the back yard,
kids decorated card board boxes like cars with stickers and crayons
Then we went outside and RACED!
Each of the kids received their own Piston Cup with their name on it!

Happy Birthday to Crew!
We sang to the birthday boy, ate cupcakes, carrots and grapes, and then opened presents!

You can't go wrong with a Pinata at any age really.
The kids all wanted a turn, and after one croquet stick was broken by my nine year old GIRL,
we had the adults help the kids out a little until the candy was spilled.

Goody Bags
We gave out simple goody bags (brown paper bags with racing checks and a cars sticker)
Inside they had a Cars PEZ dispenser, Disney Cars stickers, a Car pencil, and a bouncy ball.
Don't forget, they all got to take home a bag of candy from the pinata and a Piston Cup from the Races.
The parents loved that I gave out so much candy. :)

The Goody Table (below)
A display of the Piston Cups, yummy treats, and goody bags.
And a little shrine dedicated to Crew, the birthday boy.


The Happy Birthday Table (below)




Even the teenagers wanted to race...


Favorite Gift: EVERYTHING!  And he wears his Cars sunglasses every day.

This was later that afternoon, after a wardrobe change due to frosting mishaps.
I think he had a good time!


Da Bergs said...

What a fun mom you are!!! (I am not surprised one bit!)

Morgan and Cade said...

SO CUTE!!! Love it!!

Samantha said...

I LOVE this party times one million! With two boys, cars are EVERYwhere in our house!

I'd love if you'd consider being featured in my Party Planning Showcase on Mondays! It's just a few questions and you can send 4-5 pictures to go along.

Thanks so much!

The Peanuts Gang

Funkymunkees said...

Brilliant! Could I ask where you got the vinyl race track? Is it repositionable or one use only? I love that idea and I have seen it done with masking/painters tape but the vinyl just looks so effective! Thanks