Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Patio Pretty

Have you seen the prices of patio furniture these days?  Not only are patio sets priced in the hundreds...but more like the thousands if you want something that will last.

The pictures you are about to see, may make you cry.
The weathered wood, the faded cushions... are you teary eyed yet?
I know, they look so sad.  :(

Well, nothing a little spray paint can't fix!

But wait...did you know that you can spray paint upholstery?
YES, you read my comment right, SPRAY PAINT UPHOLSTERY!
I used these products...




I started with the seat cushions, painting them Caribbean Blue with my Simply Spray fabric paint.
Then I painted a couple of throw pillows in Brite Red Simply Spray fabric paint.
After those were done, I decided to leave the flower pillows alone!

The Finished Project!

The paint does not rub off!  It is completely permanent.  I "test sat" on the cushions to make sure.
I even rubbed them with a wet cloth after 2 days and nothing came off onto the cloth.

This spray paint is AMAZING.  It sprays on so much smoother than any spray paint I have ever used.
You will love it.  I tried a can of Fabric/Vinyl spray paint by Duplicolor and a Fabric/Vinyl by Rustoleum previously,  Simply Spray blew them out of the water!

How much will you need?
I used two cans of Simply Spray for the Red pillows, and all 6 cans of the Caribbean Blue that I ordered.  So, for this patio set, I used 8 cans for the upholstery and 5 cans of Rust-Oleum in Kona Brown Gloss.  
I bought my paint on Amazon at the lowest price I could find for a total revamp of under $100!

I think I will go outside right now and enjoy my little patio!



M said...

I have been contemplating purchasing the same spray paint for fabric to use on our patio cushions for a while.... do you think it covers the stripes well? we have some faded cushions but I worry if the stripes would still show through. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Sassy said...

A-freaking-mazing. I just want to spray paint everything!!! Go Pepper!

Christie ♍ said...

Wow - those cushions look AMAZING!! I had no idea you could paint them - thanks so much!!!
Found you from Blue Cricket Design Show & Tell!


Da Bergs said...

Wow, that is amazing!!! I am going to go buy some! THANKS!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Neato! I just met with them and I'm going to try it on my patio furniture, too! I have already done one cushion. Not too bad. I hope it will all turn out great like yours. You did a great job.

Erin said...

I was JUST about to shell out $29.95 x 4 for new cushions for my patio set. This seems like a much better option. Did you have any issues with fading or streaking after the newly painted patio furniture came in contact with water/rain??

Gerry said...

Hi there, Pepper! You know what I love about your patio set project? Everything! The old look of your furniture did make me cry, not because of emotions, but because it wasn’t pleasing for the eyes. The new look, however, is very bright, colorful, and relaxing. =D

Gerry Bossier